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SPIIND carries out a highly diverse range of projects for clients right across the New Zealand and overseas industry spectrum and outside of those industries covered specifically in this web site, categories include:

  • Telecommunications

  • General structural works (Light to Heavy)

  • Mining

  • High volume drinking water chillers as per our web site at

  • Vehicle turntables as per our web site at

Vehicle Turntables

Vehicle Turntables

SPIIND has acquired the Carousel Turntables business and is now actively developing the product line and options to meet modern residential and commercial vehicle turntable needs. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to help. 

Many modern homes are now finding space a premium and a Carousel turntable with remote control makes access in and out of your home safe and easy.

We have created a dedicated website for the Turntables and this is available to view at

Nickel Mine Blast Furnace Saddle Pan

Nickel Mine Blast Furnace Saddle Pan

An exacting and challenging fabrication project built to extremely tight tolerances and with critical time deadlines for shipping to New Caledonia. Compliance checking to tolerance was achieved by 3D scanning of the 20 segments to ensure they fit together and meet the required base platform dimensions for the blast furnace.

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